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Pan Med Energy Launches its New Website Powered by ESKADENIA Software
Pan Med Energy, established in 2011 to address the challenges of developing renewable energy plants to help meet Jordan’s urgent domestic needs and eventually, export electricity to the greater Mediterranean grid, launched a new and advanced website powered by ESKADENIA’s Content Management System (ESKA® CMS).

The purpose behind launching the new website is to help eliminate energy poverty through renewable energy, and to play a role in securing a base for socio-economic development in Jordan and the region.

ESKADENIA Software provided Pan Med Energy with a user-friendly interface to assume full control over their web presence; it also enables them to manage the content online from anywhere, and to benefit from a wide range of rich features without the need for technical assistance or knowledge of programming languages.

ESKADENIA Software Content Management System also provides Pan Med Energy with an enhanced platform that maintains a wide range of functions and advanced features to facilitate plus fully support the management and operations of the system.

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