ESKADENIA Software employees use the new intranet system an advanced feature of its Content Management System
The leading Jordanian Company in software products ESKADENIA Software with more than 50 locally produced cutting-edge software products, and more than 20 international markets in Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe, launches its new portal (Intranet) which is an advanced feature of ESKADENIA Content Management System (ESKADENIA® CMS).

ESKADENIA® CMS is a Web-based content management portal and Web-design software package developed to help in creating multi-lingual websites and updating their content in the manner, design and layout that each individual desires. User ideas can be directly translated into a dynamic website without having to break any code. This, in turn, can tremendously help in reducing the amount of work done by any IT department.

ESKADENIA Software is now using its own new release of Intranet system and employees can benefit from a wide range of features; part of the features the portal provides is; the automation of information enquiries directed towards the HR department; employees interact with the system by checking their attendance chart or asking for a vacation from HR department directly from the system. Worth to mention; is that Intranet portal can be customized to any company’s desires and demands.

Besides, employees through ESKADENIA® CMS’s intranet system can check availability of conference rooms and reserve one directly from their devices, this feature is integrated with outlook so any reservation can be shared through e-mails with colleagues. Another example of integration of the system is the integration with the company’s official website, so any updates of latest News, announcements, or in the website’s Photos’ Gallery, can be seen on the Intranet page.

Also, ESKADENIA® CMS’s intranet system helps the employees to find the number of any other colleague in seconds through the digital extension sheet, they can download ESKADENIA’s writing templates and get new document number through Intranet numbering system, like wise social status announcements get updated automatically on the Intranet portal which allows employees to share their colleagues’ joy or tough times, and which in itself strengthens the team spirit between them.

About ESKADENIA Software
ESKADENIA® Software is a CMMI® level 3 certified Company that is active in the design, development and deployment of a range of software products in the Telecommunications, Insurance, Enterprise, Education, and Internet application areas. The company is based in Jordan and has sales activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa; more than 85% of its sales are exported to the global market. ESKADENIA Software is a product and market-oriented organisation that assists enterprises and promotes businesses by use of highly effective IT strategies, solutions and tools. ESKADENIA Software strongly believes that a company's achievement is based on the success of its Human Resources and the commitment to quality and excellence that each one holds strong to. ESKADENIA endeavours as a team to maintain quality and customer respect, build up perseverance, and foster innovation. For more information, please contact us at , or visit our site,
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