Hammoudeh Group launches its new website using ESKADENIA® CMS
Hammoudeh Group, the family run company which operates under the most stringent quality control standards and systems and has many branch companies under its properties (most popular are Hammoudeh Food Industries, and Jordan Poultry Processing & Marketing Co. Ltd.) recently announced the launch of its new website www.hammoudeh.com powered by ESKADENIA Content Management System (ESKADENIA® CMS).

The purpose behind launching Hammoudeh’s website is to provide a platform where visitors can learn more about Hammoudeh Group first beginnings and its mission and vision. Hammoudeh Group’s website allows users to interact directly with the group for any inquires regarding its long list branches and products.

The group’s website will give its customers a full insight about their companies; the company profile, the management, and the process in which their products go into to reach a guaranteed service, then after the quality maintenance and control, also they provide codes that sets standards for each one of their supply chain from farmers, to merchants, and traders.

ESKADENIA® CMS provides such simplicity and flexibility that allows The Group webmasters to have full control over its web presence. It also enables them to manage the content online from anywhere, and to benefit from a wide range of rich features without technical assistance or knowledge of programming languages.

About Hammoudeh Group
Hammoudeh Group started by establishing a Feed Plant late 1970s before long, Abdel Hadi Hammoudeh was moving toward vertical integration, where he could control the product from the egg to the consumer’s table. Hammoudeh steadily developed and diversified, picking up pace in the 1980s with rapid development of the poultry agribusiness in Jordan. It achieved annual growth rates of 15-20% during 1979-1988. In 1983, a livestock farm was built. Nowadays, Hammoudeh enjoys leadership in ready feed, feed concentrates, day old chicks, table eggs, broiler chickens, and a wide range of dairy products and juices. The group is also the leader in paint industry and chemical trading in Jordan. With the help of its own people and foreign expertise, the Group has expanded with an impressive degree of industrial integration.

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