Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation launches "Maknaz" website using ESKADENIA® CMS
Abdul Hameed Shoman the foundation, which always seeks to support the scientific research, and which provides various sources of information in different branches of knowledge, and make these sources available to researchers and public readers, launches “Maknaz” website www.maknaz.org powered by ESKADENIA Content Management System (ESKADENIA® CMS).
The primary purpose behind launching “Maknaz” website is to develop a comprehensive Arab Thesaurus for all the fields of knowledge to mark itself as a mainstay in the objective analysis of information sources, and to keep in pace with the progress of information technology. It would also be a correct scientific base to derive specialized Arab thesaurus to meet the needs of information in specific topics or fields to libraries and documentation centers.

Therefore, Maknaz website http://www.maknaz.org/ allows clients (mostly libraries, research centers, and universities) to fill a registration request on the website, in which members can benefit from a wide range of terms (almost 50000) divided into Descriptors, Broader terms, narrower terms, related terms and forbidden terms.

ESKADENIA CMS system allows greater flexibility and simplicity to give the most appropriate services required by the user. So browsing through the official website, members can read more about the objectives of the website, the foundation’s upcoming events, the latest foundation news, a photo gallery of their latest projects, and links to social networks. Furthermore, the website is available in three languages: Arabic, English, and French.

About Abdul Hameed Shoman foundation
Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation was established in 1978 by founder of the Arab Bank Abdul Hameed Shoman, which its mission is to support and enhance scientific research and Arab humanistic creativity; build bridges of dialogue and cultural communication; collect and disseminate general knowledge by all feasible means, in conjunction with the grand vision of the late Abdul Hameed Shoman, his desire for the elevation of the Arab nation, and the conviction he had of the ability of this nation to bring forth great achievements in the realms of science and civil progress.

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