The Palestinian non-governmental “Welfare Association” goes online powered by ESKADENIA® CMS
The leading non-governmental Palestinian Welfare Association’s new website has just gone online launched based on ESKA® Content Management System, “Welfare Association” strives to make a distinguished contribution toward furthering the progress of the Palestinian individual, preserving his heritage and identity, supporting the living culture and building the civil society of Palestinians.

Using the advanced features and tools of ESKADENIA® CMS, “Welfare Association” team will have full control over the organization’s Web presence; it will also, allow it’s webmasters to manage content online from anywhere, and to benefit from a wide range of rich features without technical assistance or knowledge of programming languages.

ESKA® Content Management System advanced features allows page visitors to become a member by filling the donation form directly through Welfare website, visitors can register to the Association’s newsletter, browse the Association’s videos which are integrated on the website from you tube channel, they can browse pictures, news, stories from the field, furthermore the website comes in both languages: Arabic and English.

The Director of Resource Development, Communication and Media of Welfare Association Naser Al-Aloul referred to the collaboration that ESKADENIA staff provided in all stages of implementation: “Welfare website will allow us to reach a wider range of our targeted international audience; specifically the association’s members, our donor partners, and the organizations we support”.

“It is a great presence on- line with a great cause and we are glad to support the Welfare Association with all kind of IT solutions” said Executive Director at ESKADENIA Software Ms. Doha Abdelkhaleq

About Welfare Association
The Welfare Association (WA) is an independent non-profit organization established in 1983 by a group of Palestinian business and intellectual figures to provide development and humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in the West Bank including Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, 1948 Areas, and the Palestinian communities in Lebanon. As a leading non-governmental Palestinian development organization, the Welfare Association strives to make a distinguished contribution toward furthering the progress of the Palestinians, preserving their heritage and identity, supporting their living culture and building civil society.

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