ESKADENIA Software supports the ICT & Academia Event –by int@j
ESKADENIA Software Company, Amman - Jordan, June 2011
The event was Under the Patronage of the Minister of (ICT) and arranged by the Information & Communications Technology Association of Jordan - int@j, in partnership with the Jordanian University for Science & Technology (JUST). Supported by the EU/ JEWEL, the program was directed in two main areas, one is on how to better enhance the quality of our ICT graduates and therefore increase their employability rates. And the other area is on Research & Development, how to build this culture and how it can be done among both the industry and academia.

This event was the first of its kind due to its ability to let a number of ; ICT private companies & ICT Academia professionals, provide a brief presentations about their major programs, projects, and suggested ideas which will strengthen the cooperation between them; thus leading to more smooth ways of partnership and potential future contracting of mutual ideas, projects, and programs.

About this topic, Executive Director of ESKADENIA Software, Doha Abdelkhaleq highlighted as a key speaker at the event “the Jordanian Universities need to make better use of technology or risk losing their pre-eminent standing in global education. Our company was established with a vision and a message of studying the technological content of the Jordanian industry and offering a local substitute with reasonable prices designed for universities.

Abdelkhaleq continues by suggesting the following: “I have come to realize that the private sector is not contributing money and donations to the universities as it is the case with best international practices. so I suggest implementing a clear legal strategy that cures and assures the issue of collecting donations electronically in the purpose of supporting the governmental universities in Jordan, our basic encounter with the academic sector lies in our interaction which takes place by recycling the resources, the talents, and sharing the capacities in a way that enriches the sectors and fulfill objectives in a faster time.”

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