ESKADENIA Software Gathers Partners in Education and Launches New IT Services for Academia in Jordan
ESKADENIA Software held its “Partners Day: Education Automation” Seminar on the 4th of November 2015 at the Sheraton Hotel – Amman, Jordan. The seminar aimed at gathering leaders of the Education Sectors in the Jordanian market to showcase ESKADENIA’s advanced and comprehensive software solutions developed for Educational Institutes.

Following the welcome speech conducted by Managing Partner Ms. Doha Abdelkhaleq, Education Department Manager Ms. Lana Aqrabawi presented the complete ESKADENIA Education suite, followed by a presentation illustrating the dynamic products and integrations between ESKADENIA’s core Education software alongside its business support systems.

The program provided the chance for networking among delegates. ESKADENIA held presentations and panels including technical specialists who participated as panelists that were invited from educational institutes in Jordan. Mr. Maher Zumot, ICT Educational Consultant at the Modern Montessori School, presented a live experience with the ESKA E-Schooling system. Ms. Rula Abdel Hameed, General Assistant at Al Bayan School, shared her experience with the ESKA® Timetable and Mr. Ziad Ajlouni, IT Manager at the Jordan Applied University (JAU), spoke of the complete client-partner relationship experience with ESKADENIA Software. The seminar continued parallel product demonstration streams showcasing ESKA® CMS, Mobile Applications, ERP SystemDeniaSchool® & DeniaUniversity®. The seminar was wrapped up with a seated lunch treating the delegates of the Educational Day to mingle in a friendly atmosphere.

"The Education Automation seminar was an opportunity to strengthen the existing relationships with our customers & partners and to build new sustainable bridges for new collaborations with the Academia. ESKADENIA Software launched new and comprehensive systems at the event dedicated to serve sophisticated operations at Universities and Schools." Ms. Doha Abdelkhaleq, Managing Partner at ESKADENIA Software, commented.

About ESKADENIA Software
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