Rejoicing International Women's & Mother’s Day

A gathering was held at ESKADENIA Software premises to celebrate ESKADENIA’s female employees on two dear occasions: International Women’s Day & Mother’s Day 2015.

ESKADENIA Software’s Executive Director, kicked off the gathering with an inspirational speech in which she expressed her deepest appreciation of ESKADENIA’s female team members and leaders who are looked up to as inspirational icons, idols, and super mums.

The gathering aimed to empower ESKADENIA ladies and embrace the full potential and natural leader in her. Abdelkhaleq encouraged ladies to raise their voices, walk tall, and take on each personal and professional encounter as a new challenge; furthermore, Abdelkhaleq stressed on the fact the ESKADENIA Software is one of the first companies in Jordan to grant employees a nursery allowance to ease their parenthood while pursuing their professional dream. The gathering concluded with Abdelkhaleq cutting the celebratory cake hand in hand with the ladies and presenting honorary gifts to all of ESKADENIA Software’s Mothers as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement of the duties and responsibilities all mothers face, and in honouring all women’s achievements and contributions to the professional scene and society.

Mrs. Doha Abdelkhaleq, Executive Partner at ESKADENIA Software said “Applaud yourselves ladies because you deserve it! You are working in one of the most exciting and technically complicated professional scenes, and that alone puts you on the top of the qualified map as modern women and IT experts all together”

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