Amman Academy Launched “AA Parent Portal” Mobile App Powered by ESKADENIA Software
Amman Academy, the International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and center of academic excellence and creativity, launched a new mobile application called “AA Parent Portal” powered by ESKADENIA Software for parents to interact with the school on-the-go.

ESKADENIA Software has designed and developed a user-friendly “AA Parent Portal” Mobile App with the purpose of delivering the best in line education care and lifestyle to the students’ parents through their Apple IPhone and Android based devices.

Amman Academy decided to launch the mobile app to substantially increase the parents’ engagement with the school and their awareness of events and activities at the Academy. The Mobile App delivers real time notifications on the school latest events, students’ attendance, school announcements, and so much more to reach the parents mobile devices at all times and wherever they are.

It is worth to mention, that Amman Academy is considered as one of the first schools in Jordan to utilize ESKADENIA Software Mobile Application, after acquiring many of ESKA® systems such as; Registration, Fees Management, FinancialHR & Payroll, Fleet Management, Maintenance, Workflow and Supply Chain Management.

Users at Amman Academy install the App by searching for “AA Parent Portal” on Google Play or iTunes stores through a smartphone.

“The benefits of the application are invaluable” said Mrs. Faten Muqattash, Amman Academy School Principal. “The ease and speed with which parents and students can check their portal accounts enable parents to stay informed about all important updates concerning their children at all times. It also contributes to enhancing students’ sense of responsibility and academic achievement because of the continuous and immediate access they have to their assignments and deadlines”.

About Amman’s Academy
Amman Academy is an IB World School and a center of academic excellence and creativity. Our core strategic objective is to prepare our graduates to join the finest universities in the world. AA aims to prepare principled future leaders who are tolerant, caring and responsible. Our graduates are disciplined life-long learners capable of making a positive impact on the world around them. Amman Academy students are proud of their national heritage and its contributions whilst appreciating and respecting other cultures. For more information visit

About ESKADENIA Software
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