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ESKADENIA® Workflow sublimes with the requirements of large-sized operations

With the mission of providing world-class quality software solutions, ESKADENIA releases an advanced Workflow system that integrates with its family of products. The system will be introduced during GITEX-Dubai 2003.
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ESKADENIA ahead with the latest in e-insurance

ESKADENIA has launched an advanced General and Medical e-insurance system to meet the challenges of an increasingly demanding insurance market.
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ESKADENIA to deliver its Content Management System to the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI)

ESKADENIA Software Solutions was commissioned with a Content Management and website revamping project for the ADCCI. The project was signed with ESKADENIA’s Representation Office in Abu Dhabi.
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ITP Interviews with Bassam Madi, Vice President, Business Development & Sales
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ESKADENIA launches its new revamped website;

A Company on a Mission … ESKADENIA holds its Third Annual Conference

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