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The Arab Orient deploys a full-fledged e-insurance system, powered by ESKADENIA
Facing up to the challenges of the Insurance Industry, the Arab Orient, a leading Insurance company in Jordan and the Middle East, has successfully deployed a comprehensive package of ESKADENIA’s applications to automate their insurance operations.
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Top-notch Jordanian medical services now online…powered by ESKADENIA
The Leading Jordanian Hospital group, Al Khalidi Medical Centre (KMC) unveils an advanced comprehensive website powered by ESKADENIA Software Solutions.
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Hammoudeh Group to reside the Web, powered by ESKADENIA
Ten companies under the roof of the Hammoudeh Group signs a contract with ESKADENIA Software Solutions to speed to their spot on the World Wide Web
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ESKADENIA establishes a job incubator at the University of Yarmouk

ESKADENIA joins EJADA in building a work base for the New graduates of today…the IT entrepreneurs of tomorrow

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