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A Year of Success and Commitment!

2004 has witnessed increased activities in the ICT market both in Jordan and the Middle East and African region. As a leading regional Software House, ESKADENIA Software Solutions has reaped the fruits of a long year of hard work and perseverance both in the Jordanian and the regional market.

ESKADENIA has witnessed this year further penetrations of the African market by signing Billing contracts with leading telecom operators; COMIUM-Liberia, COMIUM-Sierra Leone, and Zanzibar Telecom Ltd (ZANTEL) in Tanzania.

The company, through its Internet solutions division, has successfully deployed a state-of-the-art Content Management System for the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, which led to another important CMS contracts with the Abu Dhabi Conference Palace and the American Embassy in Jordan. Through its wireless solutions operations, ESKADENIA signed a WAP Portal contract with Mobile Telecommunication Company (MTC-Vodafone) in Kuwait.

ESKADENIA has started its year, on the local level, with a major success in deploying full-fledged e-insurance, ERP, CRM and Workflow systems. This took place at the premises of leading insurance companies in Jordan and the Middle East as the Arab Orient (AO). ESKADENIA has also deployed its Medical Insurance system and comprehensive financial management modules at the General Arabia Insurance Company (GAIC), thus securing yet another market share and another confident step in the Insurance vertical.

Another major success was scored by deploying a comprehensive turnkey software suite for Al Ghad, a leading Jordanian daily newspaper, which included ESKADENIA® ERP and CRM integrated systems and a specially tailored online Classified Advertisements Reservation application.

In the growing e-government activities, ESKADENIA has been awarded a world-bank tender project for Jordan’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, which would crown the company’s efforts to furnish the Jordanian government sectors with its advanced e-solutions.

ESKADENIA has in 2004 witnessed an increased operation within its wireless business; it delivered two times the state-of-the-art EWMS® (ESKADENIA Wireless Messaging System), which was successfully deployed at the premises of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Swiss Future Horizons Company in Jordan. ESKADENIA has as well signed agreements with Fastlink that included the launch of an advanced Multi-Access Web Portal and a Customer Service Online Module.

Reaching out for international affiliates, ESKADENIA developed an Instalment Sales System and deployed its ESKADENIA® ERP modules for the Japanese-Jordanian Summit Auto Trade Facilities. It has also kept its good operational relations with its previous customer base in the international market.

ESKADENIA is committed to continuously enrich its product offering and to create advanced products and solutions as dictated by market demands. Customer satisfaction shall remain our ultimate goal and the driving force behind delivering the highest quality solutions.

We strongly believe that our success as a company is derived from the success of our Human Resources and the commitment to quality and excellence that each one holds strong to; thus we shall endeavour as a team to keep ESKADENIA's vision with regard to quality, respect to customer, perseverance and innovation crystal clear in our minds while handling any task or challenge.

We look forward with a boost of enthusiasm to the year 2005. With the level of work and devotion that was demonstrated last year, we have no doubt that the coming year will be further furnished with even more remarkable accomplishments to be achieved hand in hand with our valuable customers.

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Nael Salah     Doha Abdelkhaleq
Managing Director Executive Director

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) goes online powered by ESKADENIA® CMS
The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) has launched its new website, built using an advanced ESKADENIA® CMS (Content Management System), after a successful deployment and data migration by the ESKADENIA team in Abu Dhabi.
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ESKADENIA launches a Government Resource Planning software (GRP)
ESKADENIA has launched an advanced Government Resource Planning system (GRP) gearing up to reach new heights of achievement in meeting the challenges of an increasingly dynamic governmental sector.
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ESKADENIA launches a state of the art e-schooling management system with DeniaSchool®
Giving more reasons for schools, students and their parents to use computers, and inspired by the kingdom’s initiative for the development of the educational sector, ESKADENIA has launched at Gitex-Dubai 2004 its innovative e-schooling and school management system, DeniaSchool®, which provides a total web-enabled interface for effective communication and interaction within the education vertical.
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Fastlink develops its electronic gateway through the mobile to serve a wider spectrum of customers.
The electronic gateway was developed in cooperation with ESKADENIA, and allows customers to integrate several services, including email, chatting, entertainment and games, in addition to accessing Fastlink Customers Service through the Internet 1234.
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ESKADENIA empowers a pioneering e-government project for the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities (MOTA)
Jordan's Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities (MOTA) has chosen ESKADENIA Software Solutions for the e-government development and reform of the "Professions Department", which is considered to be the first of its kind in the region.
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Aljazeerah Travel & Tourism goes online, powered by ESKADENIA.
Aljazeerah Travel & Tourism's website is a promotional tool for both Aljazeerah and Jordan as an important tourism attracting country.
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ESKADENIA joins leading internationals at Gitex-Dubai 2004
For the third year in a row, ESKADENIA Software Solutions joins leading internationals at Gitex-Dubai 2004, the Middle East’s premier I.T. trade fair.
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