February  2,  2006
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Dear Customers & Friends,

At the beginning of the New Year 2006, we all take time to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

2005 was markedly a year of great harvest in all aspects of ESKADENIA’s business; we have witnessed a growth rate of 50% and a salient increase in our exports compared to 2004. The company also had expanded in its core business where new product offerings were released during the year; a new prepaid system for telecom operators has been developed, as well as an advanced web-enabled document management system. Great efforts have also been placed on releasing a new version of ESKADENIA® CMS (Content Management System).

ESKADENIA has posted, during the past year, strong sales results by securing major key projects both locally and globally. Our presence in the telecom market has been further rooted by successfully delivering major Billing projects to leading telecom operators; K-Telecom (Armenia), Zanzibar Telecom (Tanzania), and COMIUM Sierra Leone. The performance of ESKADENIA® BCRM (Billing and Customer Relationship Management) has tremendously increased to support 350000 subscribers!

Through its wireless activities, ESKADENIA released the second version of its Wireless Messaging Management System. In addition, the company has developed one of the first regional Microsoft-based Points of Sale systems for the leading Jordanian Telecom Operator, Fastlink. The company has additionally developed the first multi-access portal for a Telecom Operator in the region to be enabled on Oracle 10G Application Server platform.

Through its Internet solutions division, ESKADENIA successfully launched its state-of-the-art Content Management System for the Modern Montessori School and enhanced its e-school system package.

The company’s man force has grown by 15% in year 2005. Through regular competence development and training workshops, we have filled our yearly Human Resources targets with regard to people & culture, product knowledge, and quality assurance. E-documentation and e-quality processes have reached a maturity level resulting in a comprehensive intranet site for automating all ESKADENIA’s internal processes and interactions between departments.

ESKADENIA remains committed to bring out to its customers best-of-brand products with enhanced features, reliable quality, outstanding performance and stability. It is our strong belief that our accomplishments in the past year are only a motivator to achieve further outstanding targets in 2006.

As our path relies strongly on the success of our customers; customer acceptance and satisfaction shall remain our ultimate goal and the driving force behind delivering our quality solutions.

We move forward into the year 2006, as a team and together with our customers, accomplishing from a very dynamic Jordanian ICT industry, functioning in an international borderless society, and exporting from Jordan smart software packages to the Global ICT market in the area of telecommunications, enterprise and internet solutions. Wishing you much success.

Nael Salah Doha Abdelkhaleq
Managing Director Executive Director
Scope Insurance applies ESKADENIA’s medical insurance and accounting systems
ESKADENIA Software Solutions has recently deployed its advanced medical insurance and accounting systems for Scope Health Insurance Management Company, an Emirates-Jordanian third party insurance claims administration company.

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ESKADENIA's billing system up & running in Sierra Leone-Africa
ESKADENIA Software Solutions has successfully deployed its turnkey Billing & Customer Relationship Management System (ESKADENIA® BCRM) for the telecom operator COMIUM Sierra Leone in Africa. This marks the seventh project for ESKADENIA in the area of telecom billing and customer care.

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Fastlink launches one of the 1st regional Microsoft-based Points of Sale systems developed by ESKADENIA
ESKADENIA Software Solutions has successfully developed & deployed a Unified Customer Administration Module (UniCAM) for Fastlink. The system is currently up and running at the Jordanian telecom operator's 250 Points of Sale.

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ESKADENIA holds its Fifth Annual Conference and General Meeting
The conference's theme "Focus!" highlights the present stage of the company's development, where all efforts are focused on keeping up the good work and attaining bigger goals towards the company's mission.

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ESKADENIA awarded for outstanding performance in the area of recruitment

ESKADENIA meets with the academia and students of the Jordanian German University

ESKADENIA launches its branding manual!

ESKADENIA enterprise solutions' delegate joined the First Seminar on Medical Informatics in the Middle East

ESKADENIA employees join collectively in the blood donation campaign that was arranged by the Information Technology Association in Jordan Int@j on behalf of the Jordanian ICT Sector

ESKADENIA held an Iftar in celebration of the anonymous mothers and families of the SOS Village in Amman

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