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Shadi Saadeh

Shadi Saadeh
Title/position: General Manager / UAE 
Working at ESKADENIA since: 2002

Shadi is an enthusiastic ambitious man. He got his BSc. In Banking and Financial Management directly followed by MBA Marketing from City University / Seattle. His experience is in IT Marketing, Sales, and Business Development.

His bilingual capabilities and strong skills gave him the tools needed to do international software sales at an early age of his career. Shadi's early achievements in IT sales started with but his 11 years with ESKADENIA have refurbished his skills and strengthen his capabilities.

Shadi has his finger prints in the success of ESKADENIA's Insurance product portfolio as his area of focus. He had major influence in opening new markets in the African Continent and now driving ESKADENIA's sales force towards global recognition.
  • Who is Shadi Saadeh?
    I come from a relatively small-size family that is focused on education where Master's degree was considered essential. I lived the majority of my childhood and school education outside Jordan. However, I got my bachelor's degree from Amman Private University in Jordan in banking and financial management, and directly afterwards I joined master's program at City University in Washington / Seattle, through a distance learning program while working, so that I can gain work experience and a degree simultaneously.

    I started my career with IT at as a marketing officer for almost 2 years. That's where my career path started to get clear towards Marketing, Sales, and Business Development in IT. I did recognizable achievements selling Maktoob's communications solutions to various media companies including "Alsharq Alawsat newspaper".

    I joined ESKADENIA Software directly after graduation on the 13th of January 2002. To this day, I'm still in ESKADENIA and it's been over 11 years now, I've been handling sales, marketing, after sales service, and account management. And I grew up from doing just typical sales and marketing to a more managerial role, so I'm now responsible for a sales team of 6 employees, targeting big corporates in international markets. Growing up in a company that had 41 employees at the time I joined it, and selling our products just using PowerPoint presentations promising them things that were not yet applied in our products, to a worldwide renown company with over 100 customers in 3 continents.

    I'm happy that I have my finger prints for being part of the team strongly contributing to the success of this company.

  • Why did you choose working in the ICT field?
    I chose to apply to Maktoob because I thought IT is the growing industry at that time. The IT is the fun & savvy kind of industry showing flexibility to work locations and timing and providing entertainment facilities (in-house), which was appealing to me and believed it had a good prospect.
    So the majority of 13 years of my career experience was in ICT.

  • What were the challenges you faced through your career?
    The main challenge I faced after joining ESKADENIA was going through the early establishment phase of an organization with high ambitions. We've gone through a lot of hard times, including selling ideas rather than ready-made products, promising clients with products that will do this and do that only on PowerPoint presentations. That was the main challenge in my opinion, to get the clients' trust and create a need for technology products that were hardly appreciated at that time.

  • As a successful man, do you feel unequal in the workplace?
    In ESKADENIA I think I am equal. What's good about ICT -in my opinion- is the flat structure usually, because it has to be a more dynamic where decisions have to be taken quickly. I think the equality is important for successful companies.

  • What are your plans for self-improvement and personal development?
    Since the day I became part of the sales team, my goal was to follow the footsteps of achieving the sales targets, which I believe I reached and I did contribute to the success of ESKADENIA. I would also like to see growth in all ESKADENIA's business unit together by further empowerment of different vertical & horizontal sales matrix.

  • Who is your Role Model in life?
    There are many people who contributed in different aspects of my career planning and thinking. I believe the main contributor was dad as his vision was quite different. He believed in higher education, left development, and emotional intelligence to lift up someone's career and living standards.

  • Where do you see yourself in the future?
    I spent 11 years in ESKADENIA because I believed in the products that the company offers and in the management's vision for ESKADENIA to become a global company, rather than just a small Jordanian company with only local clients. I have actually had a personal challenge to contribute to the success of this company.

    I am glad we reached a reputable level where I constantly receive calls and emails asking about our products and systems from all over the world. Personally, I hope I can continue to contribute in this company, perhaps by helping in establishing offices outside Jordan, growing the sales team, maybe becoming a partner in the company rather than an employee, or just start my own business.

  • Any tips to share with men in ICT?
    I believe that the ICT industry in our region is tough; the success stories we hear about companies are not the common case. Having one success story might hide thousands of failure stories behind it. People need to move to a different level of education to start realizing the importance of ICT and appreciate it.
    So I believe the ways for success is to work hard, be persistent, and work smart.

  • In your opinion, what are the major issues that men & women in the ICT come across?
    I think in Jordan in general we have good IT graduates with good brains and technical IT thinking. However, we find missing soft skills in the technical workforce that shows especially when dealing with people from different culture, language, and background.

  • What are the 3 main elements of a successful man in ICT?
    1. You have to think outside the box, to be constantly creative and come up with new ideas for products and services to present to clients.
    2. ICT employees are noticed to lack some important soft skill including communication, business writing, presentation, and I believe that working on these elements would give us an edge.
    3.The sense of responsibility towards clients is vital and needs to be enhanced.
    4. Constantly focus on details and be properly organized in our work to be successful.

  • How do you spend your free time?
    For me, As soon as I leave the office I try to spend quality time with my daughters. After they go to bed, I'd love to do some sports and I go swimming whenever I have the chance, but before going to bed I like to enjoy the "nothing box" for half an hour at least to relax and clear my mind.