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Jawad Haddadin

Jawad Haddadin
Title/position: Web Art Dept. Manager
Working at ESKADENIA since: June 2004

What would you advise people who are considering to work at ESKADENIA?
I just want to advice people who will join ESAKDENIA; if they are looking for a serious career growth, ESKADENIA will provide them with the experience needed to achieve it.
What attracted you to work for ESKADENIA?
What attracted me most that ESAKDENIA is taking care of graduates; and give them the chance for a longterm career growth.
What do you think makes ESKADENIA’s culture unique?
ESKADENIA believe that the creativity has no limit; and you will find a chance to discover what you didn't know about your abilities; and that’s what makes ESAKDENIA so unique.
Has your perception of ESKADENIA changed since the beginning of your employment?
After nine years of working with ESKADENIA, of what I learned; I still have a lot to give.
What knowledge have you gained at ESKADENIA that you would not have learned elsewhere?
The Importance of the art and creativity in our work and for our clients;
How has your career developed since you joined?
My career developed in so many ways; im so proud to say that I joined ESAKDENIA as a fresh and now I’m a manger for a Web Art department.